Got q8200, get q6600 as interim?

So, I have an ASUS P5Q3 Standard, a Q8200 currently at 2.6Ghz (+/-, just started playing with OC with it), and 2x2GB OCZ Platinum 1.65v DDR3 (7-7-7-24). Dude I know has a Q6600 that come out of a dead Dell. He said IF it works (I'll test it before if I go this way), I can have it for $80.

The big question is: I'm looking at going for a i5 860 (so I can keep my RAM and not have to get tri-channel, since I see little improvement compared to a 920 on anandtech's comparisons) but would you guys in my shoes dump a 8200 for a 6600? The Core upgrade I'm looking at is within 6 months to up to a year. I also am not a 'power user' or gamer, just the occasional gamer and when I demand my processor do what I want, I expect it to perform (ie video converting my son's camera video).

I feel if I was going to hang my hat on a C2Q for awhile, the 6600 would be worth the extra expenditure, but my 8200 is 2 weeks old, and I don't want to waste money just to squeeze a couple hundred Mhz out of my processor for something that is going to be replaced.

Maybe I'm just looking for validation to NOT buying a 6600 (even though it is the right price!). What do you guys think? a 6600 for less than a year max of use, or stick to my 8200?
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    Q8200 is slightly faster at stock speeds and slightly faster clock per clock than the Q6600. It's 45nm so it'll run cooler too.

    But the Q6600 is a far better overclocker and when overclocked will soundly beat the Q8200.

    But there is really no reason to go from a Core2Quad to another Core2Quad. Get the Q6600 if you can return the Q8200 for a refund. Otherwise, stick with what you have currently.
  2. Downgrade indeed.
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