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M810L v7.0a with Athlon XP 2600

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March 10, 2010 12:30:03 AM

Hello Readers
Can anybody give me an answer in regards to my PC Chips board M810LMR version 7.0a
The FSB I beleive is 200 and the original Processor has always worked well but somehow is a little slow for this era.
I have installed a new Athlon XP 2600 which should be about 1.8+mhz, unfortunately it is showing up as a 1.24mhz, this is not good.
According to PC Chips the laast BIOS update on this board was on 08/08/2003 but I have long since downloaded and installed the e-Support BIOS update that was dated June, 2007 which was around the time that I installed it, It showed the correct parameters before the CPU upgrade.
I hear that if I change my FSB to 133 that it will display the correct CPU, is this true, I don't know.
Can anybody help or direct me to a source.
Again the board is PC Chips M810L v7.0a (K7SEM), The BIOS are 2007 which I will be honest, I don't think it exist because the last PC Chips or ECS update was back in 2003.
Please Help

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March 20, 2010 2:28:13 AM

The BIOS most likely doesn't know what to do with the newer CPU. To be perfectly honest, you aren't going to see a speed increase by upgrading to a newer CPU on that socket unless you are running an older OS.
March 27, 2010 10:00:37 AM

Thanks to JediMasterBen, you have answered what I suspected but some people where able to get at least 1800mhz on this M810Lv7.1a with an XP2600, they claim that they modified the pins (Locked CPU) to accept only 1 setting (V-Core Voltage 1.7 and Multiplier18.5 x 100 FSB = 1850mhz.
Unfortunately my new bios do not show the voltage, multiplier or the FSB like it use to, now is 100/100, 110/110 and so on. Thank you anyway, this is where I stop putting money into this unit and start saving for a new one that will last as long as this unit which has been 8.5 years.
March 13, 2011 9:23:36 PM

I have a pcchips m810lr (v7.0a), xp 2400+, 512 M pc133 memory and nvidia 6200. It actuall works without any modification. I have tried bios pcchips 030808 bios and the honey x's modified bios 01/03/2003. They both work. In order to have the fsb set to 133, I need to go to the bios menu "cpu PnP Setup" -> cpu speed and change the cpu speed. Pressing the "+" key to toggle the cpu fsb from fsb100 to fsb133. Now I use the honey x bios to overclock it to fsb140. And it is very stable.
The pcchips m810lr faq site gives me a lot of info.
I am currently using nvidia 6200 agp @ agp 1x. The sis agp v1.17 has a apg utility that can set up the agp to 1x so I don't have to play around the registry myself.
I once used a ATI x1050 too, also @agp1x
The performance of the system is still quite good for a old hardware like it. I can play quite a lot of old games such as call of duty 2, quake 4, medal of honor pacific assult on it.
By the way, I run windows 2000.
Hope this helps. It is fun to play around old hardware and see how far you can push them to.