Difference between T6600 and I5 processors

What is the main difference between the T6600 and I 5 Intel processors?
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  1. This should reveal something


    So besides the 750 model being quad core, there is completely different architecture involved. i.e. the way i5 and the motherboard and ram are linked on socket LGA1156 compared to the socket 775 motherboard and chips.
  2. Well for one, the T6600 is a mobile unit and i5s are desktop unless you are asking about the mobile variants that might hit.

    The T6600 is based on the older Core2 arch while the i5 is Nehalem based, which is newer.
  3. Check out the block diagrams on the intel site for the t6600 compared to any of the i5s. There is no longer an FSB and the mem is directly connected to the processor along with the primary PCIe.
  4. Sorry didnt cop it was a mobile processor. Here's a similar i5 mobile processor for comparison
  5. To simplify all of that: The i5 is vastly better. If its even within $150-200 of the T6600 in price you should go with an i5 system.
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