I installed a new hard drive getting error HELP!

I was getting a disk read error before so I bought a bran new Hard drive, installed it and im getting this error message "reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press key" I'm lost on what to do or what is wrong, I cant run any CD to install windows, in the BIOS it goes CD/DVD then my hard drive. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this? and please explain things in simple terms. Thanks!
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  1. Instead of going into your BIOS and selecting the CD/DVD drive to be the first boot sequence, I would press F12 (BOOT SEQUENCE) and select your actual CD/DVD name to boot from. This should get you past this issue (well... it did for me when I had the same issue).
  2. I tired that, not working :(

    Also when I do that, it doesn't give me any option of choosing anything.
  3. Try F8... or look for the BOOT SEQUENCE key during startup and press it. BIOS are different on different motherboards, so my key might not match yours :)
  4. Okay i found it was F11, BUT it's still not working, and I'm still getting the same error I got from the start "Reboot and Select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and pres a key" :??:
  5. Are you selecting the name of the device (typically the last one, if running one drive) and not just the generic CD/DVD drive?
  6. What do you mean?
  7. Your CD/DVD has a make or model number that should be listed. For example, my Blu-ray Drive shows as Optiarc when I go into the BOOT SEQUENCE. My DVD Burner shows up as TSSTcorp.
  8. Well not sure if this will help but, when I go to F2 and opn the BIOS SETUP UTILITY, then i go under BOOT there is the device priority
    1st Boot Device [Sata : PM-ST9250410A]
    2nd Boost Device [CD/DVD : M-Optiarc ]
    3rd Boot Device Network : B05 B00 YU]
  9. When you select F11 and all the devices come up, you want to look for M-Optiarc and select it to boot from.
  10. Do you mean the CD/DVD SM - Optiarc DVD RW AD - 759?
  11. If that is what it reads in the BOOT SEQUENCE screen, than yes...
  12. Yeah I've tried that and still nothing, lol :(
  13. Still getting the same damn error message lol
  14. Couple of other things to try, as I Google this issue...

    One... Do you have another DVD drive to try to rule out any issues with it?
    Two... Is the SATA controller set to either IDE or ACHI versus RAID?
    Third... Is the cable correctly plugged into the motherboard & DVD drive?
    Fourth... Can you switch out the cable with another one to rule out a defective cord?
  15. Note... You want the SATA controller set to IDE or ACHI... not RAID. My last post wasn't clear on that.
  16. I will have to take apart my whole laptop to try those steps, but I'll give it a try lol
  17. I didn't realize this was a laptop, so skip the steps 3 & 4... :)
  18. How do I do the set up on the IDE or ACHI versus RAID?
  19. This is a new hard drive there is nothing on it, how do i install windows on it? I tired installing it from a USB and I would get this error "BOOTMGR is missing press ctrl+alt+del"
  20. You have to make a boot USB device with Windows installed on it, which you'll need to Google to find out how to (I've never done it so I can't walk you through it).

    You are trying to use the Windows Operating disk to install the OS through the CD/DVD drive correct?? Just want to make sure I'm clear from your last post...

    Can you provide me with your laptop's make and model and hopefully I can download the manual to help answer your last post.
  21. I have windows 7 on a USB and windows vista on CD, my laptop is Alienwear m9700i - r1
    Ive tired installing both, but both times ran into problems

    The missing BOOTMGR is what happens on the USB
    and the other issue happens on the CD

    Talk about a big mess huh? lol
  22. Is the issue still outstanding or were you able to find the solution?
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