Asus p6x58d-e sli problem [novice]

Hey guys, i just built my new computer and im using the asus p6x58d-e mother board trying to sli 2 8800gts 512mb to the computer. However ive encountered a problem to which i cant find a solution for...

Essentially when i connect either of the two GPUs on the board they both work (hence Both GPUs work fine). Now when i put both of them in there and i bridge them together upon startup the fan on both gpus spin at a high rpm and then the main gpu (which is the only one that outputs video) returns to low rpm but the second one is stuck on high.

Now ive downloaded the latest nvidia drivers and went through the control panel and still see nothing about sli enabling or whatnot...

i cant isolate the problem, im hoping someone here can.

Windows 7 x64 Ult
6gb DDR ram 1600
core i7 940 2.9X ghz
asus p6x58d-e
750Watt Corsair TX

thanks people! my goal is to get this working before SCII is released tomorrow :/
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  1. First... Is there a performance problem or just a speed problem with your fan on the 2nd card?

    Second... I would look to download EVGA Precision to check what the settings of the fan speeds are set and there you can manual adjust the fan speeds to be running equal. I have my dual GTX 260's set at 70% to help with the cooling in the a dual setup.
  2. thanks for the help tec... right after creating the thread i went back into the bios to mess around again. i found the culprit. The motherboard was set to [auto] detect the dedication? of the pci slots. I set it to x16x16x1 and it worked. both fans are idling now and the nvidia drivers detect sli!!! fantastic!
  3. No problem... not much of a help on this situation though but glad you got it up and running correctly though.
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