Need help with $700 upgrade

current build:

Cpu: q6600
mobo: evga 650i ultra
ram: ocz 4gb
psu: 650tx corsair
gpu: evga gtx 260 216

I got about $200 for upgrade, I'm planning to sell my cpu,mobo,ram and xonar dx card for about $360.

CPU: I can get a i7 920 for $200 in microcenter, might wait for the i7 930.

MOBO: still choosing, (will be spending the whole $360 for the motherboard)
asus p6t deluxe v2
rampage II formula
asus p6x58 premium
gigabyte ud5
gigabyte ex58 extreme

Ram: (will be bought by my sister, so it's not included to my budget of $360 and $200. still don't know, i'm looking at mushkin enhanced blackline. ($160)

might upgrade the gpu when fermi comes out.

my questions:

1. you think my price of $360 is good for the bundle?
2. what is the best socket to go? my brother has a p7p55d deluxe with i7 860 and I want to beat his rig so i went with extreme platform (x58). is this a right move?
3. and also, which is the best motherboard for x58? i'm thinking of the rampage II because of its features and looks.
4. are the upgrades good?
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  1. 1.yes thats a good price
    2.the 1336 socket looks to be more future proof, and yes, i7 beats i5, although the 860 and 920 are suprisingly close, even the 860 is superior in some tests:

    3. it is a good board< but this is better, and its price is great:

    4. everything looks good, might recommend this ram:

    but your ram is good. happy building :D
  2. s just about to recommend that, but the asus was just as good, and cheaper.
  3. what about rampage ii? any good? also, i want to beat my brother, he has i7 860 and p7p55d. you think with my upgrade, my system would be better than his? is usb 3.0 and sata 6 worth to get now?
  4. the rampage ii is good, but more expensive, and not as future proof, and i dont think its even as good, so i wouldnt go with it. sata 6 isnt quite as useful, but usb 3 will be very useful shortly, so yea i would say it would be good, and i think ur brother mobo has it anyway, so might as well get it.
  5. Going w/ a 1366 socket would be the best bet.


    It's basically the more expensive MSI board, Foxconn makes all of MSI's new boards w/ the black/blue layout.


    Good reliable RAM I've never had an issue w/ OCZ.

    These two will also give you some extra cash to get an aftermarket CPU cooler.

    This one works well:

    Don't forget a bracket set:

    Hope this helps.
  6. i currently have a h50 cooler. if i would buy a psu, what do you recommend? the budget would be $850 for cpu, mobo, ram and psu... do you think it's best to go with a high end flagship mobo?
  7. Reality check here.....

    What is your objective? I know, I know, to beat your brother, but in what way?

    If you are gaming, you will get more FPS for your dollar by upgrading your Graphics card or configuration first.
    Do that by adding another GTX260,(which might need a psu upgrade) or selling your current card and replacing it with something like a 5870. If you are gaming at 1920 x 1200 or less, the 5870 or dual GTX260 will be all that you neeed.

    As to the cpu, the Q6600 was supposed to be a "future proof" buy, but is seems that there is no such thing as a long term future proof buy in technology.
    Today's i5-750 or i7-860 and a 1366 motherboard will be able to drive a 5870 well. The i7-920 and associated X58 motherboards have come down in price to the point where they can be competitive wuth P55. The difference is that the X58 motherboards have a better implementation for SLI and will be configured with 6gb.

    Do not spend $350 on a P55 or X58 motherboard. It will not make your cpu run any faster. High end motherboards are for enthusiast overclockers that want to push the limits of their chips, and for ego bragging rights. The most basic of boards will have all the overclocking capabilities that you might need for useful and stable overclocks. If you buy ASUS, Gigabyte, EVGA, and even Intel you will get a quality motherboard.

    I think I would save some on a i5-750, a P55 motherboard, and spend the savings on a killer graphics configuration.
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