OCZ Agility 3 performance issue

Hey guys, Need the braintrusts help.

I have an OCZ Vertex Plus Sata II 120, Which I love, recently I upgraded to an OCZ Agility 3 Sata 3 120.
I'm currently running them both in the following system.

AMD Phenom II 955 Black Edition
8gb Corsair 1800 RAM

When I first plugged it in and formatted, I got great scores on AS SSD, score was around 4-500
Since that first day I've struggled to surpass 320


The read and write speeds are advertised (and reviewed) at 550 and 500 respectively.
I have the drive plugged via an Orange Sata cable (unknown type but I'm told the cabling doesn't really matter) into Sata port 0 and in AHCI Sata Mode.

Any ideas or answers would be HUGELY appreciated.

P.S I've been reading Tom's religiously for over a year, so I'm not just milking the community :)
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  1. Tried a few tweaks, changed the port the sata cable is in, changed the cable, switched to a brand new blue cable. I actually lost some performance.
  2. Advertised 525 MB/s Read and 500 MB/s Write speeds are with ATTO benchmark software.

    Advertised AS-SSD speeds are "up to" 195 MB/s Read and 130 MB/s Write.
    Your posted benchmark indicates that you are getting 99% of advertised reads and 72% of advertised writes.

    "Log off" before you go to sleep for the next 2 or 3 nights to allow Garbage Collection to recover drive performance and see if that helps your write speeds.
  3. Oh ok, I've never seen any information on the drive that differentiated, I assumed they were all the same, but I'm new to the SSD game and don't know a whole lot about it.
    It is odd that I got a 7.9 on the windows Hard Drive rating system that first day and now cant get above 7.4, I know the windows rating system isnt anything special but Id like some consistency.
  4. Also, if the benchmarking software is measuring fundamentally the same variables, why are the results so disparate?
  5. ATTO uses highly compressible data to test read/write speeds.
    AS-SSD (and CrystalDiskMark) use highly incompressible data to test read/write speeds.

    OCZ drives use what they call "on-the-fly" data compression to achieve their high read/write speeds. The more a block of data can be compressed, the faster it can be read and written to the drive.

    For example if you have a 20 MB block of data and it can be compressed 75%, then only 5 MB is actually written to the drive. If the same block of data cannot be compressed then the total 20 MB has to be written to the drive.

    And of course reading and writing 5 MB to a drive will always be done faster than reading or writing 20 MB.

    FYI, here's the link to the spec sheet of your drive: http://www.ocztechnology.com/res/manuals/OCZ_Agility3_Product_sheet.pdf
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