Multiplier Won't Go Above x34


Asus P8Z77-V
i5 3570K
16gb Samsung 1600mhz RAM
1tb HD, 256GB SSD
27" Apple Cinema Display (no trolls :P)

So basically, my "TURBO" gets overclocked easily, and it never gets used, so that running at 4200mhz does me nothing, as the multiplier won't go over 34 for whatever reason. Anyone have any experience with these motherboards? I did the OC with autotuning and it just overclocked the turbo multiplier to ~40, yet yes, it never goes there. (I'm using RealTemp Temp monitor and watching multiplier and mhz changes to determine performance increases, also using Prime 95 to stress the system to 100% CPU load).

Thanks very much for reading this gibber jabber!

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  1. did you install all your mb bios updates..a few of them were for cpu code updates.
  2. I just updated to the latest one, do I need to install all or just the latest? Anyways didnt help >_<
  3. Can you post BIOS settings?

    Is CPU Ratio on Manual?
  4. amuffin said:
    Can you post BIOS settings?

    Is CPU Ratio on Manual?

    I set ratio to 40, max it goes is still 34??
  5. Post BIOS settings.
  6. I think OP is just confused over terms.

    How are you viewing your results?

    The multiplier IS the base speed+your turbo boost combined. The "base" speed display isn't going to change from 34 ever. But it doesn't matter. What concerns you is the combined total and how fast your cpu is running.

    In reality Intel speedstep is use for all of us using Windows, so your idle speed is really like 16 anyway. So the arbitrary "34" speed is really a meaningless line not at idle speed (16) and not at 100% cpu speed (stock 38 for single thread).

    It is not like in an car where there is really an engine, and another add-on physical turbo component. Or afterburners on a jet, where the jet engine produces thrust in a conventional manner, then fuel is dumped in later as a distinct separate process to provide a different kind of thrust mechanism.

    It is just 1 chip running at a particular speed, so "turbo" is a marketing term.

    Do a single threaded test, and tell us what you see such as in cpu-z utility main window under multiplier?

    Even stock, your "multiplier" (and here I mean the full combined basespeed+turbo) goes past 34. So I think you are just misinterpretting your results.

    Hope this helps and answers your question
  7. I would like to give you another tip in that the ASUS tool is somewhat dumb.

    The standard strategy for overclocking ivybridge/sandybridge is primarily around just to play with multiplier and leave the clock alone at 100.

    The ASUS tool will instead incrase both the multiplier and clock, which will stress out your ram.
    I would recommend you reset the clock back to an even 100 so you don't have to fiddle with ram.
    In BIOS, if it is using reduced timings, be sure to set it back to use the 16000 timing you bought which should work fine at 100clock.

    If you need more speed as an enthusiast but not an extreme overclocker, just play around only with the Multiplier, it takes all the trial and error of fiddling with timings and voltages out of the picture. Watch your CPU temps to know you are safe.
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