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So my friend built a computer and he still needs hard drive for it. I am trying to find out what hard drives he can get to get the biggest bang for his buck for it. The things he wants to do with it is playing games mostly as it is a gaming rig that I had built for him last night (which took a long while). His budget for the hard drive is 150$ but about 15$ is going into a mini-hdmi to hdmi cord as he didn't realize his graphics card supports only DVI and mini-hdmi. So what hard drive can he get for around $135 that is sold at a retail store since he wants it done by Wednesday for Winter Break.
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  1. Retail store is bad, you'll be paying more for older tech. WD Black or Samsung Spinpoint series are the top performers in regular drives, aside from something a lot more expensive like the Raptors or a SSD.
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