First OC of 965BE (does it look right?)

I am an amateur to overclocking but just read a few things. All I did was increase the multiplier from 17 to 19 and lowered CPU Vcore to 1.4-1.42ish. And voila, 3.8ghz. Just booted and it seems fine. (P.S. I have 8gb Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz, didn't touch any settings on it besides manually keeping it at 1600 as the mobo autoed it to 1333)

Here are the stats on idle.

Should I just leave the vcore or raise it back to default which was 1.45?
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  1. if no problem and stable , keep as lowest possible the vcore
  2. Running prime95 torture test on blend for 20 minutes now and its staying at 48C-52C
  3. nice .. you still had more room temperature 8C from max temp. your OC is righ keep it
  4. Just wondering - why 'lower' the voltage? I always assumed that the stock voltage is set for the stock if you up the clock, you shoup up the voltage or maybe keep it the same...but lowering voltage seems alien to me?
  5. The stock voltage is set for all processors based on testing by the manufacturer. They usually air on the side of stability and set the processors voltage a little higher than necessary for that specific clock. That way, with the variations over the silicon wafers the processors are fabricated from, they'll all operate as intended, even if one wafer is of lower quality.

    With that in mind, often times you can actually lower the voltage at the default clock and the system will still function properly. This reduces power consumption and heat and is usually called "undervolting". Basically, the idea is to find the lowest possible voltage for any given clock.
  6. gman - looks good, vcore looks a tad high to me, but your temps look fine, so if its stable leave it.

    mrsav - Think of it this way, more voltage = more heat, so the lower you can get your voltage and be stable, the lower you will be able to keep your temperatures.

    Also, the stock voltages are usually too high anyway, though they are will be stable. Same principle when you use an overclocking tool instead of manually setting values in the bios. The tools will all use a bit more voltage than necessary when setting the overclock.
  7. Earlier had it to 3.8ghz at 1.375 vcore and stable on prime95 at 48c.. no errors and had it on for 5 hours.

    Now, I increased it to 4.0ghz and vcore set to 1.4 and so far an hour into prime95 and stable.. temps steady at about 50-52c, 53c rarely max. Idle is 34c btw.

    Everything else is stock.
  8. nice :D
  9. :hello: Whatz up Heny
  10. just say hello, lowjack .. glad to see you
  11. @Gman, the second shot is a good result :)
    What cooling are you using btw?
  12. ^ 2nd That!
  13. Motopsychojdn said:
    @Gman, the second shot is a good result :)
    What cooling are you using btw?

    I have this case
    Already had the front fan. Bought two more identical 120mm fans like the front and placed them in the exhaust and on the side panel. Then I have the Hyper 212+ pushing the heat directly out the exhaust.

    Probably going to buy 2 slim fans to fit on the top 2 slots. Then I may push for 4.2, we shall see.
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