Overvoltage for overclock question?

I want to set voltage for overclocking, but I only saw 1.5V and 1.6V when I entering VCORE. Meanwhile, I only wanted to 1.320V, how to set them? It's okay to set them to 1.5V?
My component ASUS P5KPL-AM SE, Core 2 Duo E4500, 4GB DDR2 RAM

Also my friend overclock his CPU, but he hesitated for fear of damage to overvoltage on his CPU and motherboard, and the VCORE selection have much selecetion.
BTW, his component are Gigabyte GA-G31-ES2C, Pentium Dual-Core E5500, and 4GB DDR2 RAM
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  1. Woah nelly, slow down there

    Before you go around overclocking and messing with voltages you need to be aware of overclocking rule #1:

    Never overclock anything that you aren't willing to replace

    Overclocking can get more performance out of a product but it can also destroy it. At the very least it will shorten the lifespan.

    The absolute maximum voltage for first generation Core 2 processors (65nm lithography) is 1.55 volts and even this requires liquid cooling at a minimum. If you're running the stock Intel cooler do not overclock at all.

    Your friend was smart to be hesitant, many CPUs and motherboards don't overclock well. If you want to overclock, you must buy components designed for it otherwise the risk of damaging them increases dramatically.
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