Second HDD disappeared

Hello Experts,

Until last night everything on my PC was working fine but when I just turned on my PC, my second hard drive is not showing in my computer.
I really need to access some important data on that.

PS: Second HDD is External HDD & I use Windows 7.
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    1. Ensure that USB cable is properly seated at both ends - disconnect and connect again firmly
    2. Ensure external HDD is getting external power (if there's provision for external power)
    3. Is your External HDD showing in BIOS
    4. Does it show in Disk Management (Right Click on Computer >> Manage >> Disk Management)
    5. If HDD shows in Disk Management, is it assigned a drive letter (like E: or F: ) - if not, you need to assign a letter and restart your computer and it should be visible

    Please do that and post the result here for further troubleshooting.

  2. thanks for your reply.
    I would go thru' all the five steps you mentioned and let you know.
  3. Oh sure I would be waiting if something worked for you.
  4. #5 worked thank you.
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  6. Thanks for letting me know - glad something worked!
    Merry Christmas!!!
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