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Today while checking my email newegg had sent me an end of the year coupon code, checking the weekly deals found me this:

An ATi 4860.

At first I thought ATI was making a successor to the 4850, then I thought Sapphire took a Mobility 4860 core & put it on a PCI-E card, however the PSU requirement seems oddly high for a mobile GPU.

Why has this slipped under everyone's radar?
I think this is a Sapphire-only card like the 4850X2 was.
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  1. It seems the 4730, made by Powercolor & Sapphire has also slipped by unnoticed, it has slightly less performance than the ol' 4830, it's a step between the 4670 (wildly popular budget card) & the 4770.

    Has anyone found a reliable review of the 4860?
  2. I've never seen the HD4730 selling in the US, just on european sites.
    The HD4860 uses a limited version of the HD4890 core and its performance is accurately indicated by its number, somewhere between the HD4850 and HD4870. There's been a few threads about it.
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