Computer shuts down when play mw2

hey i just recently got modern warfare 2 on pc. i played on multiplayer online after about 20 minutes; my computer would just shut off by itself. it has done it a few times usually about 20-60 minutes into game play. i cant tell whats it overheating or something?

here are my specs...

coolermaster storm scout gaming case(black) w/ 3 built-in fans red LEDS
asus m2n sli deluxe motherboard
amd athlon 64 x2 dual 2.81ghz
coolermaster v8 heatsinc
2 gig ddr2 ram
evga nvidia 9800gtx+ 512mb gddr3 gpu
razer barracuda ac-1 gaming sound card
2 hard drives: samsung 250gig sata & hitachi 640 gig sata
dual layer dvd burner 24x sata
coolmax v600 psu
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  1. Check that your CPU and GPU temperatures are OK during gameplay. Also are you usind the latest nVidia drivers? they are problematic.
  2. i cant really check the temps while in the game...i did the alt tab thing but it doesnt go to the desktop like other the time i quit the game the temp is like almost back to there another way to check?...drivers should be current i just did a fresh install of xp about 2 months ago and downloaded latest drivers at that time
  3. Could be overheating but does it do it in other games or just MW2?

    I would check your memory voltage and timings and make sure they are set to the proper spec. Check your CPU voltage as well to see if its at its normal setting.
  4. Download this. It will keep track of max temps and other stats for the session.

    When it shuts down, does it just log you out of everything and shut down, or crash to nothingness?
  5. just just crash to staight up just shut off like you just switch off the powersupply
  6. Load up that HWmonitor, MW2 for 20 minutes, exit and report back the CPU and GPU temps.
  7. cpu....23c......went up to 52c
    gpu...41c......went up to 41c
  8. It is strange that the GPU's temperature after load is the same as idle.

    Try to play the game on minimum settings to narrow down the cause of the problem. If it will not crash than it is overheat or PSU problem. If it will crash than it is driver problem.
  9. ok i think i just fixed the problem...i raisted up the fan speed on the gpu and i also raised up the fan speed on my cm v8 for the cpu and i've been playing for an hour and no crash or hard i bet it just crash becasue it overheated there some kind of function in bios where it shuts off the pc when it gets too hot?
  10. rathana_v said:
    is there some kind of function in bios where it shuts off the pc when it gets too hot?

    Yes there is and that is most likely what was shutting off your computer if it is overheating problems. Although the temperatures you posted are fine... but I don't think you posted the correct GPU temp as you said it didn't change.
  11. Your CPU temp was going up, so perhaps you should check your HSF to make sure it is seated properly. Are your case fans all running, and not clogged with dust or pet hair?
  12. If I had to guess, the thermal sensor on your GPU is shot. Its not reporting correctly and the fan controller on the GPU isn't ramping up because it thinks the temps are fine when in fact they are rising to the point of shutdown/crash.

    Is the GPU under warranty still? If not, you can see about setting up profiles for the fan speeds based on the apps running. Then you're GPU would only get louder when your gaming. As for what app to use, not sure. Never played around with any of those.
  13. um i believe the gpu temp didnt go up because i increased the fan speed from 35% to far after playing for about 3 hours my computer didnt shut down once...ever since i increased the fan speed on my gpu and cpu...thanks guys for you info
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