Is there any software for BIOS in windows?

I am wondering if there is any software which runs in windows. I want to see and change its variables in OS area. :whistle:
is this possible? :heink:
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  1. Check your motherboard cd for hardware monitor software, or try everest. I also sometimes use coretemp for cpu temps, but it's not always accurate.
  2. Some motherboard manufactures have a BIOS update tool for windows.
  3. Thanks , I have asus p55 and it has TurboV software , but I meant general software which I can change everything in there(like BIOS).
    with TurboV my system would not be stable, even I can not reach 3200 with my corei7 860!!!
  4. I've never had good results with windows bios changing software. Use the bios. My biostar board recovers from bad bios settings in about fifteen seconds, but I don't know if your asus board has a similar feature. This allows you to go back into the bios without resetting it with the cmos jumper.
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