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hi huys this may sound liek a stupid question but if i have 4gb of ram already and want to add another 4 do i have to update and bios settings or just but the dims in the slot and it will detect it by its self ?

wb asap ty :D
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  1. Hello
    No your BIOS should detect them without a problem,there is no need for a BIOS update.
  2. If you are asking a question like this my advice would be to install it and hope no adjustments in BIOS are needed and the added ran just runs. 'Updating' the BIOS means to flash to a newer version of BIOS. 'Adjusting' the RAM in BIOS would basically be setting the RAM's speed, timings and voltage to Mfg. specifications in BIOS. Adding more DIMMs may require more voltage which your BIOS may or may not allow.
  3. You should be more conserned with getting the same type of RAM. the exact ones if possable if not then the same voltage and timmings.
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