Power supply question for crossfirex

i have antec earthwats 650w
2x2 ram
hd 5770
two harddrives
dvd writer

and i want to add another hd 5770 for crossfireX.
is this enough power for crossfireX?
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  1. Yes that would be ok ( you can read up on it ) http://guru3d.com/article/radeon-hd-5770-review-test/11
  2. Sounds good to me....
  3. You can use this to "do the math"

  4. Thank you for responses
    my friend tells me that his systems freeze with core 2 duo, 4gb ram, 3 harddrives, and geforce 8800gt with 550w supply.
    and some website said need bigger than 600w for crossfire.
    I guess i can try it see if run fine.
  5. That PSU has two 6-pin connectors, has enough watts and is pretty stable.
    There is this review of it that you might want to read (if you haven't already): http://www.jonnyguru.com/modules.php?name=NDReviews&op=Story2&reid=110
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