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ok my question is specific. I have a babysitter at home and allow her to use my netbook while at my home. I would like to be able to somehow log into that netbook and use its camera as a nanny cam so i can check on them during the day from my office or my other laptop when i am on the road. Is there a way for me to link that netbook with either my office computer or my laptop so that i may be able to view the camera on the netbook? I dont want to have to download any software or go through some other server, i would like just a direct link between the two computers. For any of you with kids im sure you would like to know this as well.
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  1. If you want direct remote access, you could try this product. Unfortunately with this remote control, the nanny sitting in front of the computer will also see what you are doing on that netbook as well. - Remote Administrator

    Client had a similar request, but was to keep an eye on a cat at home. He ended up going with a wireless camera that has its own mini webserver and interface that you can access the camera via a web browser from any computer. The product we chose was Dlink. Start here and look at their webcam products. (Sorry for the CDN location as I am from Canada)

    Hope that points you to the right direction. I think a wired or wireless webcam is a much better bet in your situation (and more discreet)
  2. Webcams work through computer software. So, you would be unable to just direct link without installing software on both systems. Sorry, that's how it works.

    Your best bet is buying a system like TechSavvy mentioned. Then it's just accessed via a web address with no software to install.
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