No thermal paste needed?

im running an i7 Oc to 3.5 using the stock fan and heatsink now im getting the Cooler masters V8 and it has a Mirror-finished that makes 100% contact with the processor does it mean that i dont need thermal paste?
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  1. you always need thermal paste
  2. yeah, it can't possibly make perfect contact without TIM to fill the gap.
  3. But you don't know if the CPU heat spreader is perfectly flat.
  4. yes i hate that gooey thermal crap too
  5. You could always "lap" the CPU, but even then I'd still use paste.
  6. even a lapped CPU needs paste. the paste needs to be there to fill even microscopic gaps that could trap air and insulate the chip.

    that would be bad.
  7. yeah ill just play it safe and use it i have some left no biggie
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