I7 860 overclocked to 3.80 GHZ HOT?

I have overclocked my i7 860 a week ago.
Here are some pictures.



As you can see, I have run Prime 95 custom blend with 90% of ram for 13,5 hours and intel burn test on maximum with 50 passes. HT on.

However, the last days the weather is pretty hot (27 degrees) so I turned off HT. When on load it can even go over 80C..

I re applied arctic silver 5 but it seems like it didn't make much of a difference.
My cpu cooler is a cooler master V8 and I have a HAF X case with 5 case fans. 2 on the top, one front, one sideways and one on the rear.

The weather usually isn't this hot. Is 78c even normal on load? Seems pretty high for me.

The temps just do not seem right. Any help?

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  1. 78 is on the high end of temps but many people say that its fine as long as you don't go over 85C on these chips...

    Also, thats just one core...the others appear to be perfectly fine.
    I'd say your fine...although I would suggest investing in a better cooler...you could get a high end air cooler or an h100...its just good because your temps will be even better and you'd have a beast cooler for future systems/upgrades....

    right now I have my 6-core 980x with HT on running at 4.2ghz at 1.33V and the highest temp I get on load is 75C on one of the cores...thats with my h100 cooler...

    so a cooler like that will make you happy and you won't have to worry about temps...
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