Can i put my hard drive into a external hard drive to recover data?


I pulled my hard drive from my HP Pavillion dv6000 laptop due to my 2 yr old spilling my wifes drink all over it. I'd like to recover the data from the hard drive. I was hoping to put the old hard drive into an existing external hard drive (free agent external hard drive) casing that I already own. I've opened up the external hard drive and pulled the 250gb hd out of there and want to know if its just that easy to insert the hp pavillion Hard Drive into the FreeAgent external hard drive casing?
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  1. It should be as long as the enclosure is made to hold a 2.5" laptop drive and use the same internal interface (SATA/IDE).
  2. Yes, absolutely it would work.

    Just not to write any data to the data lost drive to keep lost data safe. And you can use free tool like recuva, icare data recover free to make it work.
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