Weird Memory Issue

Built a new PC recently and thought everything was working fine. Then I started to get CRC errors in installers even though they would work fine later, and getting PFN_LIST_CORRUPT blue screens so I figured I had a RAM issue.

I ran a memtest and sure enough it failed on test #3. I then tested each individual module (i have 4) in the same slot on the mobo and they all passed a single pass memtest. I then tested them in pairs of two (in the same two slots) and the second set failed on test 3 again. However they passed when I tested each one of that set individually.

I then put all four back in and it failed memtest again. I reseated them in different slots and after this the memtest passed for 6 hours. However the next day the same thing started happening and when I ran memtest it failed again.

I have increased the QPI and DRAM voltages but doesn't seem to make a difference. Also running at stock speeds and timings. Motherboard is a gigabyte ga-p55a-ud6 with the latest BIOS and I'm using G.skill cas7 ddr3 ram, 4x 2gb modules.

I know there's an issue with my RAM or motherboard but the problem is I'm just not sure which. Would there be any way I can test this to make sure I know what to RMA? The ram came in 2 packs of 2 so preferably I'd be able to figure out which RAM module(s) is causing the problem so I can continue to use the PC (if indeed my mobo is ok). I don't have any other DDR3 ram that I know is good, nor another P55 mobo to test the RAM on.

What I'm thinking of doing is taking two sticks out, running with two for a day or two, then swapping into the other two slots on my mobo and letting it run for a day or two. If I'm blue screen free then I can assume it's a problem with the other two sticks. If I get a blue screen when i swap into the other two mobo slots, then it's the mobo ( :( ) I'm not sure if this is a good way to go about it though!
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  1. Do what you stated.
    You have 2 x 2Gb=AB you have another set 2 x 2GB=CD
    Run AB
    Run CD
    Run AC
    Run AD
    Run BC
    Run BD

    Run ABCD
    Run CDAB
    Run ACBD

    Take notes, AB may run well and CD may run well but AD or BC may not.
    I looks like they fail in dual channel only. Run Memtest as well in each configuration.
    Also consider running Prime 95.
  2. Cool, thanks! In the case that AB runs well and CD runs well but AD doesn't, does that indicate a problem with the mobo or the ram?

    Just one other thing, if i notice in memtest that the memory range changes depending on the position of the ram (e.g. fails in 0-2048 range, swap around and then fails in 2048-4096 range) does that indicate the ram is faulty? I assume the memory is addressed in a constant fashion between boots (e.g. slot 1 -> 0x0 - 0x80000000, slot 2 -> 0x8000000 -> 0x100000000). Would there be anywhere I could find how this memory is mapped for my motherboard?
  3. "does that indicate a problem with the mobo or the ram? "
    Still could be ram. i.e.., the two chips don't play toegether well.

    "does that indicate the ram is faulty"
    Doesn't look good. I'd say that ram was faulty.
    Not sure of the mapping, Mabey someone else can/will anwser.
  4. Thanks for the help. I've been reading the G.Skill forums and other people with ripjaws seem to have the same issues. I will RMA the sticks and hopefully get some ones that work better.
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