Hard Drive recovery using existing external hard drive case?

I pulled my HP Pavillion Hard Drive due to a spilled drink on the keyboard that produced flickering screen and funny smells.

I needed a new laptop anyway, so I bought a new one and would like to recover the data from the HP Hard Drive.

Can I open up an existing External hard drive unit that I used previously for backups on a PC, pull its HD and insert the HP Hard Drive in its place?

Is it that easy?
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  1. Please don't double post.

    Can a moderator delete this or merge with the other topic?

  2. Undertood - my apologies. I received an error on my first post that there was a flood error and the post could not be submitted. I then reposted
  3. Hawkeye22, I've opened my External hard drive and replaced it with the 2.5" HP Pavillion HD. Nothing happens. The HD doesn't spin, or make any noise and nothing pops up in My Computer or Disk Management.

    I've ordered a proper USB SATA Adapter and will give that a go.

    Any way I can verify that my HDD isn't fried?
  4. And - to add - if it is fried, do you have a place in mind that I can send it to that won't be a ridiculous amount of money to pull any/all info from it?
  5. If the drive doesn't spin up, it's dead. It probably got fried along with other componenets when you had your accident. Unfortunately, all the data recovery services I know of are expensive.

    If you haven't made backups of the drive before hand, you're most likely out of luck.
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