560 oc vs 560 ti

i recently buyed a new pc at 800 euor with the 560 oc graphic card..the question is is this 560 oc better than normal 560 or better than 560 ti?
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  1. it's not better than 560 TI
  2. It depends on the brand and model. Sometimes the factory overclocked edition will just be factory overclocked, while other times they come with the best chips from internal benchmarking and they carry better cooling systems. The 560 ti should be better than then 560 oc though.
  3. Well an overclocked card is always faster than the stock one.But depending how high the overclock is it might outperform a 560 Ti.

    Just as a comparison this GTX 560 is exactly as fast as a 560 Ti.

    If your card is clocked higher than the ASUS one i showed you than it is faster than a 560Ti.
  4. 560 "OC" is a manufacturers designation probably meaning they added a factory overclock. With specific data on both options, it's impossible to make a comparison. Here's the "official" models available from nVidia with the fps in Batman AC as per the linked site.


    GeForce GTX 560 Ti - 51 fps
    GeForce GTX 560 Ti (OEM)

    GeForce GTX 560 - 44 fps
    GeForce GTX 560 (OEM)
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