My laptop is warning hard disk

my laptop is often displaying a warning message that "windows has detected hard disk failure start the back up process before system fails"why it is displaying so?what could be the reason?i enquired at a computer a shop, he told me to format hard disk once-i did but still it is warning.please help me...
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  1. The drive is probably going bad. Buy a new one, install Windows on that. A format will do nothing to fix a hardware issue.
  2. Windows is reading the SMART status of the drive which is indicating failure. I'd heed the warning and make a backup soon.

    You can download 3rd party programs that can read the SMART status of drives, speedfan comes to mind as well as HDTune.
  3. Yes, this is a warning you REALLY should act on. I had this happen this past weekend on an old desktop unit - SMART message of impending failure. I removed the bad drive and mounted it temporarily in another desktop along with a spare HDD. Then I used a cloning program to clone old (bad) to new. The cloning program took more time than usual because it kept running into bad sectors on the failing drive, and I had to tell it to ignore those problems and continue. Eventually it did complete the job. I checked the replacement containing its clone copy using CHKDSK a couple of times and it had no significant errors. When I mounted it back in the troubled desktop in place of the failed HDD, it worked perfectly and my daughter is using the machine right now.

    The whole point of SMART messages is to warn you BEFORE the failure progresses to really bad conditions. That way you usually have time to make your clone or whatever to recover all your data etc., before the failing drive cannot be read at all. So fix this problem NOW!
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