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I currently have an Athlon 64 2800+ in my AlienWare desktop that I just recently managed to get working again. I've already decided on a new video card and HDD. But I'm new to the process of putting in a new processor. The current socket is a 754, and the one I was looking to get is Socket AM3. I'm not sure if that will work or not, will I have to find a Socket 754 processor, or get a new motherboard all together and transfer the components? One more thing, if I replace the processor will I have to re-install XP? Or is that only if I switch HDDs?
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  1. Hi.

    Well, the GPU and HD could work with the correct PSU, but the processor with socket AM3 don't fit in the 754 socket.
  2. You only have to reinstall Windows if you install a blank hard drive or if you switch motherboards
  3. Yeah, I KGB'd it. And they pretty much said the same thing. I'm looking to try to hunt down a socket 754 processor. And if it doesn't play out I ran the numbers and it'd be about $450 for video card, processor, and motherboard.
  4. ^Maybe you need a little more if you want upgrade your CPU and mobo, this change affect the RAM (DDR2 or DDR3)

    Take a look of this:

    CPU $ 101,99 Here
    MOBO $ 99,99 Here
    RAM $ 114,99 Here
    GPU $ 179,99 Here

    Total: $ 496,96 before rebates and shipping
  5. and another 100 bucks for Windows 7
  6. ^$104 more exactly....and $109 for the PSU, 'cause maybe the PSU that he have in this moment isn't enough.
  7. Well, the current processor isn't horrible, for when I got it. It's a single core 1.8GHz. It gets the job done, but it's the only gaming PC I have. So I figures that since I'm putting in a new HDD and video card, I might as well upgarde what I can. I like Win 7, I'm a little leary of it, simply because it's a new OS. We'll see how my mood changes when I get the money around to do all this.
  8. Socket 754 went out of production several years ago. Fastest processor for the platform is a 2.4Ghz single core if I remember right. I know there are no dual cores, I just can't recall exactly what the fastest single core was.
  9. I'm not stressin' about it, it may be cheaper over all to get a new computer, the problem is what to do with my AW. I love this thing, idk if I could get rid of it.
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