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With my laptop being on the fritz I've decided to buy/build a gaming PC. My budget for everything (Desktop, OS, Monitor) is £600 which is low I know.

However a product that caught my eye recently was this Fujistu that can be brought for £500 with a free Windows 7 upgrade, leaving £100 or so for a monitor.

Building my own doesn't seem like the best option considering I have no components I can re-use at all, and the specs on the Fujistu are actually quite resonable (prehaps not the best Processor or GFX card but is it up to what Ilisted below?).

I'm looking to play RTS's such as SC2 and C&C4 on high detail settings and possibly games such as BF BC2 on decent detail levels with a decent framerate.

Long story short, is the Fujistu capable of running the games above (aswell as surfing the web, doing homework) or is it worth buildng my own.

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  1. I just recently well for christmas built a PC for my daughter. Now I could have got a decent one cheaper but after learning how to build one I don't think I'd ever buy a store bought computer again. It's fun just messing around on newegg or TigerDirect just picking parts to see different price options.
  2. Good point but what i really want to know is if it's worth building a PC for the first time when I have no expirience/components to reuse and, more importantly what the Fujistu is capable of.
  3. PS: I'm 15 so I can't really afford unesscesary expenses.
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  6. Here is my idea of what you could build for £600:
    CPU: AMD Athlon II X3 425 £55
    Mobo: ASRock M3A770DE AM3 £62 (This mobo will allow you to put in a better modern AMD processor if you feel like/can afford it at some point.)
    RAM: Kingston 2GB DDR3 1600mhz Hyperx Memory Cl9(9-9-9-27) £45 (you can easily buy another stick of this when you can afford it to get better performance.)
    GPU: 5750 £94 (Probably replace this when you can as well, get a 5770 if you have enough in the budget to get it straight away.)
    PSU: OCZ 500W ModXStream £53 (Nice cheap modular & stable PSU)
    HDD: Samsung Spinpoint F3 500GB £40
    Optical Drive: Samsung SATA DVD/RW £16
    Case: Cooler Master 330 £30
    OS: Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium OEM £75
    Monitor: LG W1954TQ 19" TFT Monitor 1440x900 300cd/m2 50,000:1 (dynamic) 2ms 16:9 DVI-D/VGA Gloss Black $102

    Total: £573

    ~£30 left to get a keyboard, mouse and speakers.

    The processor probably isn't as good as the Core 2 Quad. The graphics card is about the same as a 4850 in some games, better in other games, but it will have DX11 support, uses less power and it runs cooler. This one has faster/more modern RAM. The other advantages of this system is that you know what you are getting (that webpage says nothing about the PSU in that Fujitsu system) and it is pretty easily upgradeable. Also you can get good software for security and burning software that is free and just as good if not better online.
    Two possible disadvantages are that you don't get as much storage space, but can buy an external or another internal at some point if needed, and no Blu-ray, which could also be added at a later date if needed.
  7. Thank you very much
  8. I second Silvune's motion. That way you get a current AM3 motherboard which will allow you to drop in the six-core CPU's when they come out. It also has the newest RAM which you may be able to reuse later in other systems depending. And a good PSU is paramount to system stability.
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