Help: New rig high I7 3770K temps

Hi all,

I just finished building my new pc.

Silverstone TJ-07
I7- 3770K
Asus Maximus V Formula
CoolerMaster 1000W PSU Silent Pro M2

The watercooling:

1 x XSPC Rasa Black CPU Waterblock
1 x XSPC RX240 Radiator with 2 fans
1 x XSPC RX480 Radiator with 4 fans
1 x XSPC X20 750 Pump & Reservoir combo

I did a quick OC to 4.2 ghz 1.3v and i started prime95 to do a quick test, but temps went true the roof.
They were around 90 degrees, so i stopped the test.
I used the same cooling before for a I7 2600k / MSIP67-GD65 at 4.7 ghz and temps were fine.

What can it be??
I used Artic silver 5 and i applied a rice/BB
The room temp is around 32 degrees
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  1. Looks like you put too much paste or had a bad waterblock mount.
  2. So how much do you suggest?
    I already put only a rice size amount.

    1 more question i have; how tight do i have turn the waterblock screws? until i can't turned it anymore by hand?
  3. I'd do a reinstall and see what happens.

    You can try the line method with AS5.
  4. Quote:
    They were around 90 degrees, so i stopped the test.

    The room temp is around 32 degrees

    Going by the second, assuming both are in Celsius. I highly doubt this has anything to do with TIM.

    Sounds like you have an airlock or your pump isn't pushing water...or you could have a poorly mounted CPU block, but doubtful. What do your stock temps look like? Did you validate you can boot up at stock speeds and ensure the loop is running? Did you completely bleed all air from the loop and validate you have good flow?

    Is this a rebuild/refill on the new hardware? I'm betting you have a pump airlock.
  5. temps are in celcius.

    Idle the temps are 38-40 degrees.

    I did drain my loop because i shortened a tube, but the flow is ok.
    When i press a tube with my fingers i can feel the pressure.
    About the air im not sure, what the best way to bleed my system?
  6. So the only thing that changed was one piece of tubing length, nothing more? And your temps on this identical install are different before/after? What temps were you seeing before this tubing change?

    Why do you mention the install on the 2600k if this was on the 3770k and working until you shortened some tubing? What were the prior temps of this on the 3770k before tubing alteration?
  7. When i installed the new mobo and cpu i also shortened the tube so i haven't runned the I7 3770k before.

    What i did the last 30 minutes;

    - remount the cpu waterblock, i applied artic silver 5 but now i used the line method.
    - changed all mobo settings to default.

    I runned prime 95 in-place large TFT for 15 minutes.
    CPU was running 3.91 ghz (turbo boost) the temps were min 36 degrees max 70 degrees.
    Room temp 32 degrees
  8. Do you get those temps again if you revert to stock CPU speeds/settings and run Prime95?
  9. The last test was with stock settings.
    Intel turbo boost is a stock setting.this will boost the cpu to 3.91 ghz
  10. So it would seem there are issues with your actual overclock settings and not the cooling of the loop causing your issues. If you run Prime95 at stock settings for an hour, you see normal temps for this duration?
  11. Quote:
    If you run Prime95 at stock settings for an hour, you see normal temps for this duration?

    Im not sure what you mean with this?
    I already runned it @ stock for 15 mins with max temp of 70 degrees.
    1 hour will be the same or a bit higher, but isn't 70 degrees to high?
  12. No, that's fairly normal. So it sounds like your overclock is to blame. Stop using turbo mode and overclock using actual BIOS'll want to be mindful at how much voltage you're applying.

    Why do you feel you need to overclock? It sounds like your next step is to research how to correctly overclock your chip. Also ensure you don't have any excess air in your loop, especially in your radiators.
  13. Yep your right overclocking an IVY needs a different methode of overclocking.
    Im now testing 4.4 ghz @ 1.2v 30 minutes of prime 95 max 70 degrees.

    Auto volt was giving to much volt.

    Tomorrow i will test more.
    Thanks for the help.

    PS what is the best method to bleed the air out of the loop/rads?
  14. Tilt your case in all directions as the pump is running, being careful not to allow more air to enter the pump that might be in the reservoir. When you fill a loop, you will likely see your reservoir volume 'decrease' a bit over time while additional air is worked out and displaces water in the reservoir. Just keep adding more water when the pump is off, turn back on...and repeat. This is a much faster process if you are able to rotate the radiators without causing the pump to suck air.

    You can also look on YouTube for additional videos that discuss different methods.
  15. update:
    I checked the loop for air and i fine tuned my overclock

    The results im getting now are;

    4.8 GHZ @ 1.29v
    Prime 95 12 hours

    Room temp: 28 c

    core 1: 71
    core 2: 80
    core 3: 77
    core 4: 75

    Is this ok?

    For a 24/7 oc is 85 c the max temp?
  16. Water temps and reported temps by hardware sensors are different. You aren't going to boil any water in a watercooling loop or even come close to it. If you've determined your delta correctly, the water temp will be within X amount of degrees Celsius at all times, even under load.
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