Problems with GeForce GTX 260

I have a MSI 7346 pc at the moment with a NVida GE8800 graphic card which works great. I am trying to replace it with the GTX 260 896MB. When you switch the pc on the card fires up and the fans work and the pc display is blank but you can hear windows booting up in the backgroud. All connects check and reset several times

If you put the old GE8800 card back in the monitor works.

Can someone please help


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  1. Perhaps the card is not getting enough power. What kind of PSU do you have
  2. zoostorm 6400hp ATX12V
    ac input 230v - 50Mhz
  3. Sorry the output watt is 400w +5v just read in another forum that I would need at least 600w output is this correct?


  4. least a good 500 watt
  5. Thanks for your reply, would the following power supply be enough. I have read that it needs 36a on 12v rail. this one says it is 20v per rail.

    High-efficiency 1000W PSU
    Titanium-coloured finish
    Modular cable management design allows you to connect the cables you need avoiding system clutter
    Braided cables improve internal system air flow
    Supports the latest Intel® & AMD™ platforms
    Large Cool Blue LED 140mm ultra-quiet cooling fan with temperature control function
    Universal (20+4 pin) main ATX power connector supporting the latest boards
    4 PCI-Express connectors for Quad VGA, Dual SLI and Dual Crossfire systems
    Serial ATA connector x 6 for the latest SATA hard drives
    Peripheral connector (4-pin for HDD, DVD ROM etc) x 7
    Floppy connector (4-pin) x 1
    ATX 4-pin connector x 1
    ATX/BTX 8-pin +12V to support Dual CPUs
    99% active PFC
    4 independent sets of +12V outputs
    Accurate voltage adjustment function via the output feedback sensor
    Short circuit protection on all circuits
    4 sets of +12V Over current protection (OCP)
    Thermal control function inside


  6. Hi anyone more suggestions. went and bought the above power supply at £100.00 tech guy in shop said it will work no problems but still getting no display on new card.


  7. must be a bad card, it happens. try the card on a different system.
  8. thanks for your help. tried to return the card for a replacement to maplin (in falkirk very rude + unhelpful) but they refused to swap or refund. bought a new card from them and it worked perfect first time. returned the original card to maplin in livingstone and store manager Andrew very helpful who said he would have swapped it for a replacement if i went back to them and he has authorised a full refund with no problems. Only reason i never went back to him first was because he was a 45 minute drive away.

    what a difference in the two shops.
  9. Just installed the Zotac GeForce GTX2. After the debacle with the Saffire 5750 an , yes and the 5770 (with the same overheating problem?)
    No problems yet All work fine.
    Gigabite GA P55A UD3, Seagate HD, 4 GB mem, and a Gougar 550watt
  10. I own a BFG Geforce 260 GTX OC and i'm telling you right now, you're going to need atleast a 500 watt PS. 500 is really cutting it close and if you have a power hungry processor then you're going to have even more issues. Anything over a mid range core 2 duo can yank too much power away from your gpu and cause issues. I speak from experience from this seeing as I have a similar graphics card as yours and use it with a core 2 duo 6600 CPU. I specifically built the system with a 500 watt power supply and that processor to allow for the majority of the power requirements to go to my GPU while keeping my power bill to a minimum.
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