E8400 voltage issue on maximus formula

Vcore voltage 1.200v
CPU PLL voltage 3.440v (red )
North bridge voltage 4.080v (red )

I had an issue regarding the mobo not posting in the past, and it started with sleep mode not waking up( when it should be posting, the graphic card's fan was like 100% on and the leds of the mobo where at orange instead of yellow, indicating wrong voltages or else. ).

So a technician workaround it and "fix" it (i had to change the psu, but he said that i could try and put the old one (the old one is better ), now I'm seeing this voltage issues with the new psu and i don't know how it affects the CPU that CPU PLL thing.

So, my questions are, is it ok if i let the voltages be?, is it ok if i change the new psu(only 500w) and put the old one(650w bequiet)?
Soon i will be changing the 9800gtx and upgrading to sapphire hd5870, and adding 1 hard drive. And i fear i will be having problems with insufficient voltages and Watts.

I would appreciate any help given.
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  1. If you are not overclocking, i would just reset to the default BIOS settings.
  2. the thing is, at hardware monitor of the BIOS it shows me those voltages, when i change to manual and change the CPU PLL voltage to 1,70 stays green, i save the new settings, reboot, and enter BIOS again, no change at hardware monitor :S it still shows 3,440-3,424, when in manual clearly says 1,70 :S:S:S
  3. maybe updating the BIOS to the latest version then resetting to default settings may help, this is a strange one.
  4. I'm ready to flash the BIOS and reset it, but i prefer to stall, since i had PC not posting problems and got fixed by a technician, since then 4 months more less have past, and the CPU runs just fine, never had an error, temps are ok too(i think so at least, 35-40 idle 65 full load) , I'm more worried about long term issues, if the CPU pll high voltages could do that.
    If i don't get an answer in a couple of days I'll try doing what you said and hope for the best :P Thanks for the help _)
  5. possibly just a false reading and the voltages are normal too...
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