Is this water cooler any good for cpu.

I've seen this water cooling system on a few websites now and some have said its not as good as a high end air cooler. so could someone tell me what they think. Also I know you attach a 120mm fan to this to blow cold air onto it but I only have one place for a fan at the back of my case, so will this block air from being taken out from the rest of my components.

Heres the link
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  1. The H50 is beaten by many good air coolers for less, the premade closed loop liquid cooling setups are not great and you are much better off with a good air cooler as it is much simpler to work with and will often give better results.
  2. Thanks for your quick reply, ok then. Well see I live in a hot country, 50c in the summer and I like to keep my temperature on my cpu as low as possible, I've never done water cooling before but have found some all in ones which means I just have to put it together in my case which I know I would be ok with, its just that I wouldn't know what to buy. so heres one on the shop I get my parts from

    Click here

    Is this a good cooler for the money or should I spend more. Also what sort of power do these take to run.

    Thank you
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