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Am using i7-3770K with Asus P8z77-V PRO mobo, and want to overclock, modestly, to around 4.3/4.4 GHz. Rather than hang half a ton of air cooler off my mobo, had intended to use something like Corsair H80. Mobo has speed control and monitoring for 4 chassis fans, and ONE CPU fan (PWM). Is there any way to integrate the TWO fans of the cooler, or is there an alternative adequate liquid cooler, that uses only one fan. The other option, of course, is air cooler, if there is suitable one, that isn't ridiculously heavy. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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  1. A simple $30 tower type air cooler, like the cm hyper212 will do the job for an OC at that level.. It will be cheaper, quieter, and more reliable, than a liquid cooler.
  2. Closed loop liquid coolers like the H80 are not the same as real watercooling; just offering that bit of information for clarification.

    Geofelt is correct on the performance of good air coolers vs. typical closed loop coolers.
  3. malbluff please head over to the watercooling sticky and click on the closed loop coolers link. It'll detail all you might to know about closed loop coolers.
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