Abit KN9 Sli Issue

I was given a computer with an Abit KN9 Sli Mobo, 1GB of Kingston DDR 800 Ram and a 250Gb Sata Hard drive. Some AMD Semphron Processor. (Not sure which kind.)

To the point:

Turns on, fans spin up and power led's on Mobo light up all fancy and nice.

No beep, no screen flash, no hugs, no bios, nothing. Fan on the 7900Gs spins and appears to have power.

Any ideas?
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  1. The CPU may not be properly installed,so reseat it and its heatsink.
  2. I have done so twice, I will do again and look for bent pens etc...
  3. No change. Third time did nothing.
  4. Maybe there is a problem with the CPU,it may be faulty.Because the only solution i found was re-seating CPU/Heatsink.
    I'll search more and report back if i found any other solutions.
  5. Thanks bud
  6. I believe that it did get really hot, maybe it got fried. I'll see is another CPU works in it.
  7. This is an AMD motherboard. I have ensure that it itsn't ram, or psu. I believe either the mobo is fried or a bad CPU, I'm working to try a different cpu now.
  8. My suggestion would be to remove the MB battery and default the CMOS jumper defaulting the BIOS. The system is old and the CPU or MB may be bad. Be sure a working speaker is connected to the front panel speaker header to sound BIOS error beep code. Remove all the system RAM and boot the computer. If BIOS does not beep indicating there is no RAM in the system, either the CPU or MB or both are bad.
  9. Tried another CPU, and reset bios, still nothing.
  10. I get a RAM error beep upon removing the RAM, so all hope isn't lost. I'm guessing it has to do with the PCIe Slots, and there is no on-board GFX to use, so I have tried both PCIe slots with mutiple slots. Any suggestions or ideas?
  11. Tested CPU and it works great. So it's not PSU, GFX or CPU, or RAM, Mobo seems to be fine, Is there any other issue I might look at?
  12. Anyone?
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