BFG 9800GTX+ OC heat problem

I've been having a bit of a heat problem with my video card. I bought the card about two months ago and everything was running fine (idle at 45C and closer to 50C after hours of gaming)

A few days ago I noticed that it was idling at 50C and getting up to 58C after gaming. After about 20-30 minutes of crysis running at 1280x800 no AA all very high, my frame rate drops to around 9fps and everything pretty much dies. I've never really had a problem like this before and was considering a few options.

Today I went out and bought one of those Antec Vcool gpu coolers which brought it down to 48C idle, but does nothing as it still peaks 57C after gaming.

I've been thinking about gpu liquid cooling as the thermaltake tide water system looks convincing, but I wanted a second opinion..

Would liquid cooling for a BFG TECH 9800GTX+ OC be even worth it? Or would it be best that I search for an aftermarket gpu cooler instead..


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  1. BFG warranty RMA!
  2. Have you tried cleaning it? or checking if it has any dust built up in the fins of the heatsink?
  3. If the cards can not run properly on the stock cooling there is an issue. If it is only 2 months old I would send it back. The only time you should really use aftermarket cooling is for OC reasons, or if you are looking for a more quiet cooler.

    As Rolli said, RMA it. Contact BFG support and and let them know what is happening.
  4. sirheck said:
    Have you tried cleaning it? or checking if it has any dust built up in the fins of the heatsink?

    I just took a look at it, everything seems fine as far as dust goes
  5. If it looks fine do as the others have said and try for a replacement.
    If you decide for another cooling solution there are plenty of air coolers
    available, some are rather thick. may take up both slots below your card.

    Same with water cooling unless you go for a FC block.
    Not sure if a FC block would be worth the 75 to100 bucks for the 9800GTX

    Plus it actually could have something wrong with it.
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