Odd power problems... need advice.

When I hit power, all external fans power up, but nothing comes up on the monitor. Sometimes the video card fan will spin, but it's very slow and will sometimes stop.

When I plug in the 4 prong CPU 1 power, the CPU fan won't spin, but the video card will. When I plug in the 4 prong CPU 2 plug, the CPU fan spins, but the video card fan won't spin. (By CPU 1 and 2, I mean there are two different plugs from my PSU that I've tried).

I've tried two different video cards. One we know for sure works. No matter what, we never get video on the monitor.

We're pretty sure this is a power supply problem, but before cash starts being thrown around, we'd like to make sure.

I've cleaned/dusted everything, set and reset the video card(s), RAM, tried one stick of RAM, different RAM slots... always get the same results.

Anyone have advice?
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  1. 1. New build / old build ?

    2. Recent chnages if old ?

    3. Have you "Reset BIOS to defaults " ?

    Till ya answer ....

    1. Open your manual....make sure RAM is in "correct' slots.

    2. Make sure GFX card in correct slot....Remove and reseat card

    3. Boot to a CD / Floppy and run memtest4 to check memory
  2. 1. Old build. Problem started happening randomly.

    2. No changes.

    3. I have not reset BIOS to defaults. Not sure how, either, with nothing coming up on the monitor. Or is it a physical thing you do?
  3. look for the Clear CMOS jumper, move it over for like 10-30~ish seconds then move it back, or remove the battery for like 1~3 hours then try it.
  4. Try F5 to reset to defaults....will vary by BIOS vendor.
  5. Our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread:

    If doing all the steps doesn't help, breadboard the system in stages, etsting after each step.
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