Bad_Pool_Header 0x00000019

Hi, i just freshly installed windows 7 Ultimate x64 on my system. this is the third fresh install and still it doesn't fix this, i have already fully updated my windows and drivers. the question is? how do i fix this, some people say its the memory, but the memory is perfectly fine when im running on vista x64. and please tell me where i can find the mini-dump something file so you all can see whats happening. p.s i don't know how to read a dump file so just tell me where to upload it, or if you want me to compress it with winrar. thank you. also i am about to run a system check and look for some software that can validate my drivers.
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  1. Hi snipemenot, found these 2 solutions to that specific error you have but not certain either of them relate to the problem you are experiencing :-( , anyway here are the links to both threads :

    Like i said, from my prelim reading, not sure your error is of same type but info may help you to narrow down the possibilities.

    Good luck :-)
  2. I've started randomly getting it once I overclocked my PCI bus. I set it back to default after that.
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