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Hi all,

I recently refurbished an old computer which has an Asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe motherboard. I have installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 into it. Unfortunately, Asus dropped the ball with this motherboard and didn't really do windows 7 64 bit drivers, so i had to settle with Vista 64 bit where i could, a lot of the little utilities and executables listed on the support site couldnt even install because of the OS not being XP or ME etc.

Anyway, im trying to install the latest NVidia graphics drivers for my GTX 280 thats in there, and mid way through each install i get a BSoD. This isn't my first time experiencing such a thing as in one of my old machines i got a BSoD whenever i tried to update the graphics drivers, it turned out to be bad memory. I am currently in the process of testing each module individually within the system but the first one has created a BSoD. Aside from memory issues, what else could be at fault here? Everything has ran fine until now, could it be the lack of chipset/motherboard driver installations?

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  1. Hello
    Well first of all,as for the drivers,i remember that ASUS dropped Windows 7 64 bit support for ASUS P5K(which i had),so i had to do it in the compatibility mode and it worked.
    As for the VGA,try different drivers and check if you get BSOD with all of them,also can you try it in another system ?
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