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Hi I have the Intel I5 2500k on a Intel extreme series DP67BG Mobo. I have a 750 watt psu and a 8gb ram. I think the ram is corsair. I have the Gigabyte nvidia geforce 560 ti. I only have the stock fan on the intel i5 and there are fans built in on the gpu. I have a full tower case that I think can fit pretty much anything and has some built in fans. I have been having some frame rate issues and wanted to overclock my cpu and gpu. I know overclocking is harder on the gpus so first off could I overclock the gpu. 2nd will I need to buy a cpu cooler to overclock it and if so what should I get. Third how would I overclock and finally what should I overclock them to. Also with these parts what you recommend for settings on BF3 multiplayer. Any help would be great.

P.S. Could I have two gtx 560's in this pc at once.
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    Yes, you can overclock your gpu.

    Yes, it would be in your best interest to get a better cpu cooler.

    here is a link to a cooler I recommend(make sure it will fit in your case)
    You may want to even look into a liquid cooling system

    Your PC should have no problem running two gpus

    Finally, you should consult the overclocking section of this site. they will get you set off in the right direction. there are also many guides around the internet that you can use as resources.
    I hope this helped some and best of luck overclocking your pc
  2. Thanks a lot man! :)
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