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I have a Dell xps720 with Windows xp sp2. Every time i try and boot my computer it gets stuck on the boot loading screen and gets about half way before it just stops and makes no progress (that is only when i have all my USB devices plugged in). When i don't have any USB devices plugged in, the computer boots just fine but gives me a notification that i have experienced a "keyboard Failure" not allowing me to use my keyboard at this time. When that is all done, the keyboard finally reads and works when windows is all loaded and I'm logged in. I have tried many different keyboards, however, same effect. Just curious how to solve this problem, Thanks.
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  1. -check keyboard detection in device manager, and in bios (F2 or del at startup, check keyboard and usb devices).
    -try updating to sp3.
    -a friend of mine mentioned once something similar related to chipset drivers.
    -try updating the bios (go to dell , and download the update for your model, just be careful, make sure you selected the right one because flashing the bios it's a bit tricky)
  2. I made a mistake. I meant to say Sp3. It is already installed and i already have the latest AO6. Ive browsed through the bios and setup, Though i cant find anything asside from the defaults with the keyboard settings. When the keyboard is plugged in alone, it works. But when the other USB devices (mouse, external HD, etc.) it doesn't load in the DELL screen.
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Keyboard Failure Windows XP