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Hi all -

I am in the process of building a PC, this is going to be an Intel i7 930. I have almost figured out the components i will be seeking to put this togather. However i am still stuck with the "Which Motherboard" delimma!!

I will put forth my requirement, in order of priority of do's and don'ts. Budget for Mother Board max. 350 dollars, however i would prefer lower. But if MB really matters i will try to manage putting the extra buck like 350 $

1. Performance is the keyword (though i will not over clock at the moment.. maybe never) But i need a MB that is a robust platform for a faster processor + RAM Memory. Oops, did i mention Maximum CPU Power is the key. Performance is very important.
2. Should support new technology upgrades for components. i.e. USB 3, 6GB sata.. etc. (dont know what more can come in coming 2-3 years).
3. No water cooling.. but will have as much air cooling i can provide with HAF-X case + Corsair H50 or Megahalems cooler/heat sinks (not decided on it yet).
4. The PC will be up and running most of the time 24/7.
5. Want this PC for atleast next 3-4 years till i build another hence want it to be a role model for the next 4 years.

Here are the specs that i will be using for the other components.
Case - Haf-X
Cooler / Heat Sink - Corsair H50 or Meghalems or Mugen (yet not decided) Some input on this will be greatly appreciated
CPU - i7 930
RAM - Mushkin 6GB Cas Latency : 6 Timings - 6-8-6-24 (not a fan of Mushkin, but i think thats the best cas and timings i have ever seen).
SSD - Intel 40GB
GPU - HD 5850
HDD - I have like 7 of them around 5 TB.
BD - Liteon
PSU - Corsair 750 W.. (or do i need more)?

I have been thinking about ASUS P6X58D Premium or Rampage III or even Gigabyte UDR7. Are these over kill for my requirements?? As i read on TomsHardware.. MB's are all the same in terms of performance for the CPU.. wanted to know if how much this is true?? Need more insight friends. This question has been bugging me since over a month now.
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    My recommendation is the ASUS P6X58D-E. It provides all the same features for your needs as the three you listed. If you were going for a major overclocking system, I would've recommended either the Rampage or Premium. The motherboard wil max out the potential of current CPU's.

    As for the PSU, if you don't plan on running dual GPU, you can get by with the Corsair 650 TX/HX

    I think the case is a little over kill, if you don't run dual cards (great case though). You will get the same peformance by running the smaller HAF 922.
  2. > 3. No water cooling.. but will have as much air cooling i can provide with HAF-X case + Corsair H50

    The H50 is a liquid cooler:

    Take a look at the CoolIt line:

    My own preference is to arrange fans to
    exhaust OUT the rear, particularly when
    the PSU is mounted at the bottom rear,
    because warm air rises.

    With exhaust fans in the rear panel,
    an intake fan in the left-side panel
    should provide ample supplies of cool input air,
    particularly if a liquid-cooled radiator
    is mounted at the rear panel.

    Others may have their own preferences,
    and I do encourage them to voice their
    opinions here too :)

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  4. tecmo thanks for your reply, this helped a lot.. Never know there was a E version of the P6X58D series with almost the same features but for less cost.
    I ordered it through newegg.

    Now coming back to MRFS's suggestion about semi-liquid cooling system.
    Having known that you cannot have a liquid cooling Desktop turned on 24/7.. i choose to go with air cooling, but does it mean that if i have Corsair H50 cooling system is not good for me if i plan to keep my system running most of the time??
    Wrong section, I will create a new thread there for a heat sink, but i will just trying to get the info as it is posted here.
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