Corsair Dominator 6GB confusion

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  1. anyone?
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    Well i have this problem with one of my older PCs,i had a ASUS P5K and 4GB OCZ DDR2 800 RAM and CPU-z was showing DDR3 with much higher timings,whereas in the BIOS it was showing correctly.
    Is your BIOS showing the timings/speeds correctly ?
  3. yes it does..
    hmmm.. strange
  4. Like i said CPU-z sometimes make mistakes.
  5. yeah i figure that out.. but thanks anyway
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  7. No problem,try updating it whenever a new version comes out, and it may report it correctly.
  8. To see your current speed and timings, look at the MEMORY tab, not the SPD tab.
  9. Well with my old rig,it showed wrong info in the Memory tab too, don't know about OP though.
  10. in memory tab it shows 542MHz.. WTF??? XMSYellowbeard what now?
  11. hmm,try other apps like Everest too
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