Cpu fan???

i just bought a secondhand E8500 processor without heatsink included and have installed on a P5p43TD asus mobo,is it possible to use an old heatsink that came from a Pentium D processor???Thanx...
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    You should be alright. They are both S775 CPUs, so unless the bracket changed it will fit. The 8500 is a 65W TDP chip, while many of the P4Ds were 95W+. Its impossible to say that it will work, but it should.

    You can always try it. Keep an eye on the temps and shut down if you need to.
  2. yeah the bracket would be the only issue

    also make sure you clean the heatsink and reapply thermal paste before seating it on a new processor
  3. If you don't have any new thermal paste. Check out some AS5 thermal compound. That's what I use.
  4. i can`t install the old heatsink,it wont fit to the Mobo,so i decided to buy a new one and it has no bracket on it unlike the older heatsink that came with the Pen. D processor,thank you very much for all the replies....Peace...
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