Hard Disk Replacement Problem

Thank you for the earlier suggestions, but I still need help.

I have the appropriate compatible HDD for my 2002 Compaq Presario SR 1020NX. I installed it, and bought the keyboard PS/2 adapter as suggested (to not use a USB plug). After I turn the unit on, the PC won't recognize the keyboard entries I'm making at the command prompt. I even installed a new lithium CR2032 battery just for fun.

As I turn the PC on and press the F8, I'll get a 1 second flash of the Compaq red & white start page, then I have a command prompt that doesn't recognize any keyboard entries.

Any suggestions?

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  1. You need to get into the bios and check the settings. Check the post screen carefully for instructions. I use "del" except for the first post, when an "f" key is usually required. Check your keyboard connection again. The ps2 adapter for the keyboard may not be a good fit. Your usb connector may work fine. For the new hardrive, has it been formatted. If not, look for a software cd for the hardrive, or create one off a spare pc. The software is free, and will prep or clone your old drive.
  2. Yep, sound like BIOS settings are wrong. Follow 01die instruction for entering the BIOS, and check USB or keyboard settings. All systems BIOS are somewhat different, so we can'y instruct you exactly what to do.

    I don't think it has anything to do with the new hard drive, but you'll need to set that up also in the BIOS.

    Note: Windows won't recongnize a new hard drive in explorer, until it's formated. This you can do in "Disk Management.":

    start/computer/right-click/choose manage/choose disk management/click of the new drive in the bottom pane/right-click/choose format. You may have to make and mark the partition active first.

    Good Luck.
  3. Newer HDDs come with a 3.0GBs pre-set on the jumper pins. You may need to move the little blue cap on the HDD to the 1.5GBs pins to get it to be recognized and working properly.
  4. Thank you for these suggestions, but none of these ideas have solved the problem.
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