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i recently installed 68oo gt 512 and i get error code 12 not enough free resouces that it can use if you want to use this device you will need to disable another device conflicting device ? have p4 2.8 ga8inxp mother 3 gigs memory was running 5900 ultra tought it was power supply just installed new 600 watt any help would be great cant afford new bulpild right now trying to pinch best out of older sys
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  1. Have you reviewed your BIOS settings? Check the settings for your PnP/PCI Configurations. There will be some wording like Resources Controlled by: XXXX, if it's not set to AUTO, set it that way. Save the settings and exit. Re-boot.

    Let us know your results. If that doesn't work, we'll need your motherboard make and model, and any other PCI and PCI-e cards you have installed.

    I also found an MS page (here) that may help regarding nVidia cards.
  2. yes there set to auto i found this mrning that vga save is causing the conflict still trying to resolve this issue tx
  3. Some BIOSes have a setting for "Palette Snoop," if your BIOS has that setting, make sure it is set to OFF .
  4. treefrog07 said:
    Some BIOSes have a setting for "Palette Snoop," if your BIOS has that setting, make sure it is set to OFF .

    conflicting device list
    input/output range 03b0 used by intell (r) e700 series processor to agp controller -2552
    i/o range 03c0-03df used by same 2552
    memory range 000a0000 - 000bffff used by 2552 conflict is vga save
  5. When I googled the conflict with VGAsave, there were numerous hits. I couldn't find a definitive solution, but the consensus was to uninstall the VGA drivers, install updated mobo and chipset drivers, and re-install the latest VGA drivers.

    Try this:
    -- Uninstall the drivers for the 6800.
    -- Re-boot.
    -- Go here, and download the software/drivers for your board (I couldn't find your board with the info you wrote earlier).
    -- Identify your board's chipset (if it is intel, go here to get the latest chipset drivers), if the chipset is not intel, google to find and download the latest chipset drivers.
    -- Download the latest drivers for your 6800.
    -- Install the board's drivers.
    -- Re-boot.
    -- Install the board's chipset drivers.
    -- Re-boot.
    -- Re-install the latest drivers for the 6800.
    -- Re-boot.
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