Choose from this ?......

I have seeked help from you guys...for buying a new cpu...your suggestions have been really helpfull,help me to choose between theese motherboards supported i3 processors...(under 100$)

SI H55-G43 LGA
ASRock H55M Pro

Suggest for me the best.....

i3 540
4gb RAM
5770 1gb
1980/1020 (22 inch monitor)

Yours heart beats
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  1. Go for the GIGABYTE GA-H55M-S2H . It has dual channel DDR3 RAM support and Ati crossfireX support.
  2. I don't agree,because that GIGABYTE model supports Crossfire at 16x4x which is the worst performer in multiGPU setups and its not recommended for using 2 GPUs.
    Between those,i would choose either the Gigabyte or the ASUS one,however i think the ASUS model would do better in OC'ng.
  3. Yes thats true,

    @Heart beats go for the asus then
  4. Then,..ASUS P7H55-M PRO ...will do all right.,...ya
  5. Yes,
  6. I have this board which is the Gigabyte equivalant to the Asus P7H55-M PRO.
    Look up some reviews and H55 shootouts this Gigabyte mobo wins on everyone i've read which includes the Asus board.
    Overclocks the i3 540 to 4.6MHz stable it also has more features.
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