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Hi, I recently bought myself an XFX Radeon 5870 for christmas, and at first it was exhilarating. Flawless graphics, every setting on high, the real deal. As of today, for a reason i cannot figure out, the clock speeds are stuck at 157/300, and can only run games at about 9 fps. Regardless of how many times i reset the factory defaults, i get the same results. I reinstalled the CCC in order to get the factory settings, and that did not work either. I have pretty much run out of options but i know that the card is not faulty because i have been using it perfectly for about 5 days now. I have not overclocked, nor have i used overdrive. Cant think of anything else, i dont know what else to do
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  1. Sounds like the thing that downclocks it to save power isn't working (I forget what it's called). Maybe try uninstalling the drivers and using older ones.
  2. You might want to go ahead and use overdrive. Just nudge the core clock up 1 notch (5 or 10) and it should work fine. There seems to be some issues with the stock core settings and how it goes into idle mode.
  3. also i forgot to mention, i'm using an EVGA x58 motherboard, which shouldnt be the problem. i read in a few other threads that there were some compatability issues. going to try using older drivers, see if that clears things up
  4. i tried older drivers, using overdrive 1 notch up, and neither had results. Overnight it went from runing RE5 at 60 fps to 9 fps when i try it now. will reinstalling the OS and getting a fresh start maybe help?
  5. I don't know, if you don't have anything you don't want to lose, go for it. It's better than 9 fps.
  6. You might want to check out gpu-z and make sure the PCIe is working at x16 as it should or any other issues that could do this.
  7. update: the core clocks are now running regularly at 850/1200 during gameplay, but i am still getting 9fps!!
    i'm clueless.
    reinstalled motherboard drivers as well.
    no changes whatsoever.
    checked it on gpu-z and everything is running correctly
  8. could something maybe be holding it back?
    perhaps some kind of setting that isnt letting the card reach its potential?
  9. Obviously something is holding it back, but the question is, what?
  10. is it possible that the BIOS isnt recognizing the card as the primary source for video?
  11. could you possibly have an integrated chip on the MB? If so, ya, the Bios could be set to use the integrated one.
  12. its set on auto, so that should automatically choose the card over integrated correct?
  13. I do not know, but I wouldn't be sure of that.
  14. as a last attempt, i switched the pci settings from auto to enabled, and it worked!!!
    but now everytime i boot it resets it and i have to go back into the bios....
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