How to Overclock i7 2600?

Sorry if this question has been already asked more than once, but I could not fine a very good answer. Some say you can overclock it by only so much. Others say you can't overclock it at all (since it is not the "K" series). I want to perform a very mild overclock with the stock cooler at about 4 or 4.2 Ghz. Thanks!
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  1. Anybody??
  2. You can do a bit of OC'ing through something known as "Limited" Unlocked, and it involves raising the Turbo multipliers by 4 bins (400Mhz) each.

    The speeds you can get to will be 100Mhz higher than in this pic because this is referencing an i5 2500, but it explains what I'm talking about.

    You can OC to 3.9Ghz with all 4 cores in use and to 4.2 with only 1 core being used.
  3. Quote:
    on stock cooling and not the 2600K, seriously.?
    sell it now even at a small loss and get a K series chip.

    I totally agree with all of that, but I just wanted to show that it IS at least possible to OC a non-K i5 or i7.
  4. Ok thanks guys. I "upgraded" my i5 2500K for a 2600 at Micro Center. I don't know if they will let let me take it back again (this will be the 3rd time now LOL). Anyway, do you think I should just go with the i5 2500K again or spend a couple more bucks and go with the i7 2600K?
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    Well, I guess it depends on how much you REALLY think you need to OC (further than you can currently), AND if you think HT is important to you.

    If you DO want to OC a good bit, but HT isn't a big deal to you, then the 2500K is the way to go. If you like HT, BUT OC'ing very far isn't that important you just stay with what you have. Then the final option, if BOTH are important, then the 2600K is the obvious choice.

    Of course, that all depends on MicroCenter even allowing you to do it...
  6. I am not even sure if I even want to OC or even need HT. I play lots of games and do a little editing with After Effects. I don't want to waste money on stuff I don't need, but I also like the idea of OC in the future.
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