So according to this is FERMI really a GF100 card now? Not 3xx?,9326.html I find this odd as I thought the 100cards were all onboard gpu's. Besides this article where else or how else can we confirm this?
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    You're confusing GF100 (FERMI) with G100 (low end NOT onboard);

    It's been GF100 since the leak of the name in September, confirmed in the October whitepaper.
  2. G100 is also the 8800GTX killer if you believe the rumours from 2007. :lol:
  3. Yeah which was based on the whole G70->G80->G90/92->G100 concept.

    At this point most of the chips names have lost all meaning anyways with GXXb versions and the rebrands etc. Few people even know it's the G200, most people still call it the GT200 despite G200 being right on the die itself. :heink:
  4. yeah figures, most people are still calling the fermi card the gtx300 as I did a few weeks ago.
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