How much is my custom pc worth

AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE Cpu
genuine windows 7 ultimate 64bit edtion
Biostar TA790GX A3+ Mobo
XFX 5770 1GB Videocard
4GB Corsair 1333 Ram
500 GB Seagate Barracuda HDD
Sony DVD drive
Antec 700 w PSU
Antec Case with 5 120mm fans 3 with blue leds
world of warcraft with the litch king exp
modern warfare 2
asus 21' 1600x900 lcd monitor
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  1. Whatever someone is willing to pay for it. If you haven't had it for too long, I would suggest you price all your parts individually at current prices, and perhaps you can ad a small build fee if someone is willing to buy it. If you're just trying to sell it quick, I would say depreciate it 10% for every month it's been in use. Of course, before you look to sell it format it and do a clean install.
  2. yea i know i spent over 1200 for it not includeing the OS
    do you think $1000 is a fair deal with the games?
  3. I think the determining factor is if the person is smart enough to tell the difference between the parts you use and lower quality options like this build:

    I'd say probably like $1k with the monitor included. Buyers wont be willing to pay you as much because you dont come with a warranty, etc.
  4. Ah i posted at the same time you did. 1k for a person that trusts you, maybe a little less for a person that doesnt.
  5. Used and not knowing anything about you or the computer itself..... $300.... in hopes there might be something of value in it. More than generous. Try selling it to your mother or a good friend. Harsh huh ?
  6. thats cool i have it up on craigslist for $1000
    but since its only 1-2 months old and i have all the boxes for the MoBo,GPU,Monitor,PSU,and a few more.
    and the sales recipt for all the parts so would have warranty's from the manufacturer.
  7. I need more information to determine its that sony DVD drive a normal one or a blu-ray or an RW...?

    What kind of antec PSu is that...model,name..?

    What kind of 500GB seagate, model name..?

    What kind of Asus 21' monitor...model name..? Different models can have different features/quality...etc and therefore be different in price.
    What kind of 4GB Corsair 1333 Ram...? Model name? It can be Cas9 or Cas 6... or DDR2 or DDR3...these factors are a very huge difference in price.

    What kind of antec case...? An antec 300 and 1200 are very different in price and value.

    Once I have all information then we can give an accurate estimate of the price. Moreover I you would need information on how old is this build? Have you overclocked it before? Is it working? Are there any damages on any components or wear and tear? What was it exposed to? If your pc was turned off and on a lot, its life wont be that long and many other factors. Sorry for being picky lol, thats just how i see it.
  8. I just went on newegg selected an almost identical build to what you just listed and it comes to $930 without OS. $1000 isn't a bad price if you can find a buyer.
  9. loneninja said:
    I just went on newegg selected an almost identical build to what you just listed and it comes to $930 without OS. $1000 isn't a bad price if you can find a buyer.

    That's just it - finding a buyer. What I'd do is find similar rigs on Craigslist and see how much those are going for (after throwing out the outliers of course)..

    I also predict the OP may be taking a little vacation from THG if he keeps up with the insults...
  10. [:boudy:3] Threads like this make me unhappy, if the OP wishes to PM me then by all means do so.
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