M4A88TD-V EVO Crossfire?

Hello people..

Somewhere I read that this mobo runs cards in crossfire 8x/8x but then again, I heard that it runs them 8x/4x.. which sounds like its waste of money for crossfire setups. Or not?

Which one is correct? I plan to get two Radeon 5770 for crossfire, does this motherboard suffice my needs? If not what would you recommend? My budget is pretty much what M4A88TD costs..
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    Hello and welcome to the forums
    It supports Crossfire at 16x4x mode,which is the lowest performer in Crossfire motherboards, consider a dual 8x/16x for a multiGPU setup.
  2. OK, then its not worth to get it. Would this mobo be better option: M4A89GTD PRO

    It lacks USB3 but I don't think its a big miss, but it has Crossfire x8/x8 mode which I think will be enough. Do you agree?

    And best, its not much higher priced :)
  3. Yes,that's a great choice
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